Collection: Chaos Existence

Dive into the nostalgic era of music at Chaos Existence, the ye olde record shoppe now reimagined for the digital age. Our roots trace back to a time before mp3s, Napster, and streaming - when the joy of discovering music was a tangible experience. Inspired by our iconic Mayan/Aztec Alien Robot Warrior logo, aka the Buddha Bot aka the Shiva Bot. We're not just about music, we're about a unique blend of history, future, and cultural fusion.

Our ethos is still the same - a deep love of music, good actions, sensibility, and ethical business practices. We connect like-minded people with the best music, just as we did in old times. Only now, we're doing it on a broader scale.

Rediscover the magic of music with Chaos Existence, where the past meets the future in perfect harmon